Research-based digital tools that enable sustainable business development and creation of brand equity

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To organizations that wants to transform into a sustainable brand. The Nordic Brand offers cost-effective and value-creating branding tools that enables team members to co-create new sustainable products, services and experiences.

Our tools

Why use our research-based digital tools?

Brand Canvas

Use the canvas to explore new brand-driven business models. Brand Canvas is easy to use and in just 20 minutes you can draft a new sustainable business model.

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Brand Compass

The compass enables you to monitor your brand equity in priority stakeholders such as employees and customers. The results are projected immediately into your digital dashboard.

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Future Index

The Future Index gives you the opportunity to take a look into the future and thereby understand how to create better business and a stronger brand.

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Advisory services

Intersection Brand, Reputation and Business development


We were pioneers within brand building in Sweden. Dr Apéria is the co-author with Professor Kevin L Keller on the European edition of Strategic Brand Management.

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Annual reputation and sustainability rankings since 2004. We have helped well-known companies in the Nordic and Baltic countries to strengthen their reputation.

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Business Development

Solid practical experience of sustainable business development. The brand and the area of sustainability are in focus for our process of helping companies to develop sustainable businesses.

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Our consulting services focus on three main areas: brand, reputation and business development. We were pioneers in brand development in 2001, reputation in 2004 and for the past eight years we have worked with brand-driven business development. In these three focus areas, we help companies to develop strong sustainable brands. Feel free to contact us for a dialogue.

Brand Canvas

Are you passionate about bringing your brand alive?

Use Brand Canvas with your colleagues to develop your organization. The canvas helps you to connect your brand with the UN's sustainability goals. Brand Canvas is unique as the model helps you understand which SDGs and brand alliances will help you reach your desired brand position

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The uniqueness with Brand Canvas is our focus on the brand and the brand personality. Who you are helps you understand which relationships you can build with your stakeholders and which brand alliances and SDGs suit your brand? Use Brand Canvas yourself or with us. We offer a screening of your business model where the results are presented. In a workshop, you gain an increased understanding of how you can develop a sustainable brand-driven business model. The cost for this screening and workshop is SEK 29,000.

Brand Compass

Are you curious about how you can monitor your brand equity?

Brand Compass helps you to easily and cost-effectively build and manage your sustainable brand capital. Brand Compass enables you to quickly get an immediate response on how your brand develops among your employees and customers. What are your strengths / weaknesses and how can you strengthen your brand capital?

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Brand Compass monitors your brand among the two most important stakeholders, your employees and your customers. The digital tool enables fast and cost-effective brand management that allows you to discover any gaps between these priority stakeholders. The cost for measurement, brand analysis and workshop is SEK 69,000.

Future Index

Which company is best equipped for the future? Is it your company or a competitor?

Future index helps you understand how you can strengthen your future market position. Future index works best together with reputation and sustainability index. Our Triple Impact Canvas method measures all of these areas and creates an understanding of how you can strengthen supportive behaviors such as purchase, recommendation and trust.

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Our experience is that all companies must understand their position vis-à-vis their competitors. The areas that must be understood are reputation index, sustainability index and future index. Today, a strong reputation and sustainability index are not enough. We see that disruptive challengers are winners with strong futures indices. In today's environment, the company must understand how they stand in these three indices compared to the competitors. A Key Driver Analysis shows which areas create buying, recommendation and trust.


Explore how you can strengthen your Brand Capital.

A brand is a promise that should be delivered. You need to understand the foundations of Brand Capital. Our process to create this important capital is Brand Pyramid.

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When we developed Brand Pyramid, we were inspired by renowned researchers in the field of branding, corporate reputation and brand personality. The model has long been applied in a number of projects in different countries and industries. Strong brands are characterized by mental availability in all dimensions of the pyramid. Mental availability leads to benefits such as supportive behaviors and an overall brand capital.


Reputation leads to supportive behaviors.

If you can strengthen your reputation, more people will buy your products /services, recommend you to friends and acquaintances and trust you when problems arise.

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We introduced annual reputation surveys in Sweden in 2004. We have experience of helping leading companies, for example in the financial sector, the energy sector and the retail sector in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Our studies show that different categories have different reputations. This means that your reputation is affected by the category in which you work. We have experience from 25 different sectors. Feel free to contact us for a dialogue about how we can help you set up a reputation management system.

Business Development

The brand enables you to expand your business. We call our approach brand-driven business development.

Our process for brand-driven business development means that we start from the category in which you operate today. Are your business opportunities in the existing category or in new categories? We believe that the area of sustainability enables new business opportunities. We would like to be a partner who, together with you, explores how you can create new sustainable business opportunities.

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Innovation and sustainability is the winning recipe in Stockholm University's competition in sustainable business models. We started the annual competition in 2017 with the ambition of stimulating researchers and students with an entrepreneurial mindset to develop sustainable business models and compete in the SU Business Model Cup, says Dr Tony Apéria. We are grateful to the jury in the competition. From left to right. Anders Kempe CEO Bellbird, Michelle Wegner acting Global Head of Marketing SEB, Jan Ståhlberg CEO Trill Impact, (Tony Apéria founder of SU Business Model Cup), Annika Nordström Head of Financial Crime Prevention Handelsbanken and Pär Hedberg CEO Sting.

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Core team

The Nordic Brand core team offers an intelligent platform that allows you to follow the development of your sustainable brand capital

Dr Tony Apéria

Founding partner, has a long experience in corporate branding, reputation, brand-driven business development. Introduced annual reputation studies in Sweden in 2004. Interest in developing digital customized solutions that use Brand Canvas, BigQuery, Datastudio and Power BI.

Sara Apéria

Founding partner, has experience within PR, journalism, social media, Fintech and sustainability. Sara is based in Singapore and London. She has an academic background from Stockholm School of Economics, Copenhagen Business School and National University of Singapore.

Klas Magnusson

Founding partner, has extensive experience in helping startups and scaleups to grow their business. Klas is an entrepreneur with a background as an advisor to entrepreneurs/ innovators/researchers who want to commercialize their innovations. Klas is together with Tony a co-founder of the SU Business Model Cup.

Håkan Schallinger

Founding partner, expert in brand identity. Helps companies to create distinctive brand assets (logos, symbols, design elements), both online and offline. Interest to create design concepts and graphic details that drive sales.

Johan Jyrvall

Senior advisor fieldwork/research, has extensive experience in conducting and coordinating international market research projects for clients from various business sectors.

George A Berglund

Senior advisor with extensive managerial experience. Experience within entrepreneurship, advertising communication, statistical analysis, market analysis, design of market- and brand models.

Peter Söderlund

Management- and brand strategy consultant has since 2001 been helping brands, businesses, and organizations find, develop and deliver new commercial relevance in categories and markets. Peter also creates transformation programs helping products and organizations deliver on their brand promise.

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Feel free to contact us for a dialogue. We are keen to discuss your needs for brand building, reputation and business development solutions. We have digital tools to help you build and develop your sustainable brand capital.


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