Imagine if you could look into the future to create better business and a stronger brand?

”We have created a process that can guide you, we call it Triple Impact Canvas”.
Established business models are challenged by disruptive digital business models. Our belief is that managers today must measure and monitor reputation, sustainability and the future.
Since 2004, we have annually studied perceptions about companies’ reputation and sustainability. Both measures are central to managing the overall brand. What we lacked in these measures is the relevance of the brand and the business model from a customer perspective.
The figure shows the Triple Impact Canvas results among the general public for a well-known financial company. We see that the company is perceived as strong on reputation and sustainability but weak on the “Future index”. This can be seen as an alarming warning signal.
Triple Impact Canvas together with a Key Driver Analysis reveals the driving forces behind your brand’s success. If you want to know more, please contact us for a dialogue.